Monday, 5 April 2010

i was in sydney for 21 hours

I caught up with 2 lovely ladies I met in Berlin.
I hunted for a horse statue in the Botanical Gardens my Dad told me he slept under one night in his wayward youth. I found one but don't know if it was THE one.
I looked at the sparkling water and skinny terrace houses and giant motorboats of Sydney and as usual thought 'I should visit properly sometime soon.'
I went to the beautiful wedding of two beautiful people and ate and drank and danced and was moved by the ceremony and the speeches and all the joy and love.
An eight year old kid ruled the dance floor all night, not in a cute kiddy way but in a kind of supernaturally possessed by the groove way that had people staring and commenting and congratulating him as the night drew to a close. I wonder if he will keep it up or will get awkward and shy about it as he grows up.