Sunday, 27 April 2008

More "what I did today"

Today I worked in the city. There must be something in the air this weekend - there were people having fights. Real ones, with punching and stuff. Apparently last night too. Fights.

Then I visited my bro. He lives where I used to live. I caught the train I used to catch home. It was already dark so I didn't get to admire the bits along the trainline that I used to like looking at. He has the place looking much nicer than it did when I lived there. We ate out. Shredded duck soup. I imagined a papery duck being fed through a shredder. But it wasn't like that. Then we had ice-cream at his place and talked about the television we don't watch. I would like to watch more TV, I think. Maybe?

I came home. Simon has gone to Sydney. Working. We spoke on the phone. He was in a shopping centre and I could hear twangy shopping centre music in the background and checkout announcements that sounded like Daleks. We talked about the relative merits of that supermarket and our usual Supermarket. He believed they had a wider range of muesli at the Sydney one. And he said there was so much broccoli there it made him feel like he was flying over the Amazon.

While Simon talked about broccoli, I had one of those moments of marveling at the wonders of a technology that is old news. You know, like, there's my phone with Simon's voice coming out of it and it is completely usual to understand that he is elsewhere and fill in the distance between us. Must have been a different feeling when phones were first around?

On the same thought sometimes I look at wee kids now who can have their photo taken and straight away see it in the back of the camera and I wonder what sort of difference that might make. To the way they understand things. If any? I try to remember being very little and wonder if I understood when somebody pointed a camera at me what it was all about. I can't remember though. Can you?

I guess working around technology and children I should be used to such contrasts. This whole 'internet' doowhacky... there's another one right there. OMG.


Simon caught up with Dillon and Skardi and Connor this evening. He said Dillon has been making robot mice. (Them folk and their robots... (How is the robot monkey Simon?)) Apparently the mice have been running away from the light instead of towards it. This wasn't the intention so it counts as a mistake. But would anybody know it was a mistake if you didn't tell them?

Friday, 25 April 2008

No News = No News

I was talking to Dell (typing-talking) and she said blog more but I am still struggling with this blogging thing and how to write news about things that feel like not-news. Or what to write about here. But here is an attempt at 'what has been happening lately'.

Today is Anzac Day, first day off in some time, lots of sleeping and sitting in the gallery in the afternoon with Simon while he drew a giant robot monkey. Luke came by and we made exquisite corpse stories. There have been conversations about biscuits, given the day, but I have eaten none.

Been working a bunch of different jobs. Keep having stretches that feel endless of no days off and late nights trying to finish things. Working weekends is wearing a bit thin... of course it feels like since I have been doing that everybody is having the best birthdays and barbeques and soirees that I cannot go to.

It's all for a good cause. Work = Money and Money = Being Able to Do Stuff in the Future. And Work can be interesting besides and sometimes I learn things I didn't know before. And it beats NO work. But I miss seeing friends and family and doing fun things.

I wonder when the time will come when I am not living with some future time in mind?

Tonight is one of those nights that EVERYBODY has decided to have a party or opening.

And I have to work tomorrow and I feel sleepy and like it might be hard to go back out into the world again just at the moment...